Thursday, July 29, 2010

ART HISTORY Gets 4 out of 5 Stars From Blog T.O.

Blog T.O. has reviewed ART HISTORY! The images that accompany the article are gorgeous!
Everything in the shop is handpicked because it has got a special quality or detail that makes it stand out from your regular everyday object. It feels great to find something that we just think is so amazing and then have someone come into the shop, see that item and find it just as amazing as we did! We're lucky to have such great customers!
Come by and check out what's new, we're bringing things in all the time!

ART HISTORY Featured on Daily Candy!

The folks over at Daily Candy did a little review of where to go when you're in Toronto and ART HISTORY has made the list!
So, if you're in town come see us, and "pick up charming housewares and antique curios at Art History!"

Friday, May 7, 2010


We're still here everyone and we're gearing up for summer!
It's been a little while since we've posted to the blog, but be assured the store is still full of awesome stuff and exciting things are still happening!

We've been featured in the summer issue of Design Lines Magazine. Here's what they had to say:
'If two art fiends ransacked first an eccentric granny's cottage and then her bohemian grandkids' art studio, and lovingly filled a city shop with the spoils, this is what it might look like: Art History, a stash box co-owned by curator Katharine Mulherin and artist Niki Boghossian. "We wanted to celebrate art without the formality of a gallery, and to recontextualize these weird hand made objects that we love so much," says Boghossian, grinning and gesturing toward an imperfectly painted ceramic owl.'

Read the rest of the article here.
Design Lines Magazine is free throughout the city so go pick up a copy!! This issue has a lot of great stuff!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Here are some new images of the shop and the wonderful things we are full of right now. Things are moving very quickly so be sure to come down and take a look soon!!


We've just gotten some really great things from Lewis Cruise! The design on these things is great! Funny, smart and unexpected even.

Here's a little bit abt the company:

Lewis Cruise is an art-project/brand based around the creation and distribution of skateboarding products and ephemera. Our core output are hand-screened vinyl stickers, t-shirts, and skateboard decks. We strive to provide our local community high quality products at an affordable price. Unlike other local board companies, Lewis Cruise puts a lot of emphasis on design, just because we are a local brand does not mean we have to look like one!

We draw upon many sources for our aesthetic: great graphic design found in our everyday lives, nomadic couch-surfing culture, and mid to late 90’s skate culture/aesthetic. The name Lewis Cruise is derived from the phonetic spelling of ex pro-skater Luis Cruz, whose comical style and short-lived career inspired us to start our company.

Skip Life and Skate!

Lewis on Board, All Hands On Deck!

We've got hand printed t-shirts and collectors packs of stickers in store now!

Moniker Designs

Monkier Designs has sent over a big box of t-shirts, totes and hankies! Moniker is a screen print company based in Montreal that aims to encourage a greater diversity of design and product, and the development of the community’s talents. Only a couple of the things we got in are pictured above (my personal fave is the woodblock print t-shirt of the raccoon!) so you'll have to come by the shop to see the rest!