Friday, February 26, 2010


We've just gotten some really great things from Lewis Cruise! The design on these things is great! Funny, smart and unexpected even.

Here's a little bit abt the company:

Lewis Cruise is an art-project/brand based around the creation and distribution of skateboarding products and ephemera. Our core output are hand-screened vinyl stickers, t-shirts, and skateboard decks. We strive to provide our local community high quality products at an affordable price. Unlike other local board companies, Lewis Cruise puts a lot of emphasis on design, just because we are a local brand does not mean we have to look like one!

We draw upon many sources for our aesthetic: great graphic design found in our everyday lives, nomadic couch-surfing culture, and mid to late 90’s skate culture/aesthetic. The name Lewis Cruise is derived from the phonetic spelling of ex pro-skater Luis Cruz, whose comical style and short-lived career inspired us to start our company.

Skip Life and Skate!

Lewis on Board, All Hands On Deck!

We've got hand printed t-shirts and collectors packs of stickers in store now!

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